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 Button Batteries and Honey

Ingestion of button batteries (small batteries found in remote controls, games, thermometers, etc) can be dangerous or even life threatening for children.  A swallowed battery reacts with saliva and tissue of the esophagus, creating an alkaline solution that essentially dissolves tissue.  This can cause esophageal perforation or erosion into the airways or major blood vessels.

If you child has swallowed a button battery, it is an emergency and you should go immediately to the nearest emergency room. 

A recent study has shown that honey can act as a protective barrier and neutralize the harsh alkaline levels while awaiting treatment (note:  this is NOT treatment, your child still needs to be seen in the ER as soon as possible).  However, while you are en route to the hospital, give your child spoonfuls of honey at regular intervals to help protect the esophageus.  Children <1 year of age should not have honey should not have honey due to botulism risk)

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