Patient Portal

The patient portal is a powerful tool allowing you to actively participate in your child’s care. From the portal you can: print health forms, print immunization records, request refills, request appointments, review growth charts, communicate non-urgent messages, review age-specific developmental milestones and fill out surveys to help prepare for your child’s upcoming check-ups.

In most instances we will need to assist you in setting up your portal account.  Please call during regular business hours and we will be happy to help you.

The only circumstance where you are able to set up your own portal account is for First Time Expectant families. Please see the instructions below to assist you in this process.

For existing Portal Users


Portal Support

Click on a topic to learn more.

Medication Refills

You can request refills for your child’s medications to be sent directly to the pharmacy.

After logging into the Patient Portal

Simply select the child for whom you are requesting medication refills, select the “Appointment, Forms and Prescription Refill Requests” tab and the “Prescription Refill Request” option on the left.  Click the checkbox next to the medication(s) needing to be refilled, click the radio button for the medication to be called to the pharmacy and complete the pharmacy name and location in the box. Click on Request Refills and a message will be sent to the practice. Please allow us 48 business hours to complete the request.

If the medication is not listed, please send us a portal message (next tab to the right) or call the office so we can make the necessary corrections.


You can print daycare, school and sports forms from the portal.

After logging into the Patient Portal

Simply select the child for whom you need the form, select the “Patient Information” tab and the “Forms” option on the left. You should now see a list of the most recent forms specific to your child. If the information on the form does not appear to be accurate or you need a form with a more recent date, contact our office and we will assist you.

If you do not see the form you need, you may request the form:  select the next tab to the right “Appointment, Forms and Prescription Refill Requests” and the “Form Requests” option on the left. We will process your request and notify you when the form is available or assist you in obtaining the necessary forms.

Health Information and Patient Handouts

We will post relevant information to the portal for every well check-up your child has at FHPA. We may also send information regarding a particular illness your child may incur. These documents will be easily accessible on the portal when you first login. However, once you access the document, it will “disappear” from the home page but it will be stored in your child’s chart where you will continue to have access to it.

After logging into the Patient Portal

To access these documents, select your child’s chart so that his/her name appears in large letters at the top of the home page. Select the “Patient Information” tab and the “Links and Handouts” option at the left. All documents sent to the portal specific to your child should now be visible to you.

Requesting an Appointment

You can request appointments through the patient portal.

After logging into the Patient Portal

Select the child from the list of patients for whom you would like to request an appointment. Select the “Appointment, Forms and Prescription Refill Requests” tab and the “Appointments” option on the left. Answer the questions regarding your preferences. We will process your request and do our best to accommodate your needs. We will call you to confirm that the specific time that we select will be acceptable.

If your child is already a patient of the practice

If you have previously logged into the portal but have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link and an email with a temporary password will be sent to you.

If your children are already patients of the practice, but you do not see them listed when you log into the portal, please call our office and we will correct this problem.

However, if your child or children are existing patients of our practice or you are an established family of our practice expecting another child, please DO NOT register them or set up a new portal account. Please call our office and someone will assist you in gaining access to the Patient Portal and adding your newest child to your portal account.

First Time Expectant Parents Baby Registration

If you are a first time expectant parent, follow these instructions to register your baby and place them on our ‘waiting list’.

  1. Create an Account. Click on the button below to initiate this process. Be sure to use YOUR name for this step. Once you receive your password you will be able to log-in. Be sure to check your spam inbox.
  2. Register your Newborn. Click the link within the portal to register your family and follow the steps. Give your child the first name of ‘BABY’, use the due date as the birthdate, and answer all the related questions. We will change the name and birthdate to the correct ones once your child is born.
  3. You will receive a confirmation that you have successfully registered your family, but you cannot actively use the portal until after your child is born. Please do not re-register as this can interfere with future access to the portal. Call the office during regular business hours if you have any questions or difficulties.
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