Virtual Visits

Exciting News!  We have started offering e-visit appointments as an alternative to a traditional in-office appointment for care management and select medical concerns.  

 What services are offered?

  • Breast feeding support
  • Nutritional consultation and support
  • Care management and medication management for ADHD
  • Care management and medication management for asthma
  • Medication rechecks
  • Acute care visits for select concerns

What do I need to schedule an e-visit?

Participating is easy.  Please call the office to schedule a virtual visit just as you would for an in-office visit.  You will need:

  • A strong wireless internet connection 
  • A smart phone, tablet, or computer with a microphone and a camera

Our office uses Anytime Pediatrics for our video visits.  From a smart phone or tablet, you can download the Anytime Pediatrics app. Or, on your computer, visit (Please note, you must use Chrome of Firefox.) For your first visit you will need to create a free family account using the office code "4465". In some cases, our office will have already created an account for you using your FHPA portal email address. Here are some helpful hints from Anytime Pediatrics to review prior to your first visit. 

Please note: the nutritionists use Care Convene for their virtual visits. Please follow these steps to meet with Renee or Jill.

Is there an additional fee for an e-visit?

No. The fee schedule is the  same as an in-office appointment.  An e-visit costs the same as an in office appointment and saves you a drive to our office.  

Are e-visits offered after hours?

E-visits are currently being offered during normal business hours.

Will I be able to schedule an e-visit with my child's primary care pediatrician?

We always try to schedule your child with their primary physician. However, depending on availablity, we may end up arranging for you to see one of our other physicians. Be assured, they will have access to your child's complete medical record and the visit note will be added to the chart for your provider to review.

Other companies/offices will see my child via an e-visit for a cough or urinary tract infection, why won't Forest Hills Pediatrics? 

At Forest Hills Pediatrics our first commitment is providing excellent care to our patients. There are some symptoms which require an office evaluation. While we work hard to find innovative ways to improve our patient's experience, we are not willing to sacrifice excellent medical care for convenience.  We are continuously evaluating new ways to provide services to our patients while maintaining a high level of care.

We hope you find e-visits to be a convenient alternative to the traditional in-office visit. Please check back with our website for any future e-visit updates as we continue to work to improve access for our patients.  Please call us with any questions.