Special Needs

Children with multiple chronic health conditions and their families face unique challenges within the medical system. Rebekah ZamZam and Cheryl Zeese Denenberg are certified complex care coordinators who facilitate communication between the family, the  hospital, multiple specialists, home health services and their primary care physician. They work as advocates for children with their insurance company should there be difficulty obtaining the services they need. With their extensive experience they are able to help guide families through the complicated process of raising and caring for children with special needs.

Special Needs coordinators

Rebekah ZamZam, RN, BSN

Prior to coming to Forest Hills Pediatrics Rebekah received her BSN from the University of Michigan and worked in a variety of pediatric clinical areas. In addition to her work at FHPA, she currently teaches a nursing class at Grand Valley State University. She resides in Ada, MI with her husband Sami and their 2 children. 

Cheryl Zeese Denenberg, BA, BSN, JD

Cheryl received her BA in audiology and speech sciences from Michigan State University, her BSN from Wayne State University, and her JD from Wayne State University.  Emergency medicine and pediatrics have been the focus of her nursing career.