Social Work

The reasons to see a licensed social worker don’t have to be based on a traumatic or significant life changing event. See our coordinator for concerns about your child’s:

  • Anxiety or daily stressors
  • Behavioral issues
  • Changes in sleeping, eating or socialization
  • Difficulty or lack of communication
  • Mood swings or withdrawal

The Bridge Between Physical and Mental Health

Through cognitive behavioral therapy, our coordinator offers practical tools and techniques to help parents shape a child’s behavior and develop coping skills for life events or transitions. Her approach is not to “fix the child,” rather work with the parents to impact the family dynamics.

Armed with Tools and Techniques

After the first consultation, parents take away tools and techniques to get started right away. Progress is reassessed over a few visits. If ongoing assistance is needed, you will be referred to an appropriate resource in the mental health community.

social work coordinator

Margaret Lebo, LMSW

Margaret has a bachelor of science degree in psychology. She is fully licensed with a Master of Social Work in the state of Michigan (LMSW). Margaret has a thriving private practice where she cares for people of all ages dealing with family issues, anxiety, depression, marital therapy, anger management, school consultations, and situational stressors. Her philosophy is systems oriented and Bowen theory is the foundational backdrop for her work with others. Margaret is also the author of the behavioral component for FitKids360, a healthy family lifestyle program.


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