Mental Health

Although 1 in 5 children in the United States suffers from a diagnosable mental health disorder, less than a quarter of these children receive proper treatment. Mental illness is like any other disease; the earlier it is identified and treated, the better the health outcomes. 

The goal of the mental health coordinator at Forest Hills Pediatrics is to help patients and famillies with mental health care referrals and access to services.  Our coordinator also helps monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of care.  FHPA is striving to meet patient and family mental health care needs and improve the outcomes of care.

Our mental health coordinator will help address concerns about your child’s mental health by:

  • Connecting your child with the right counselor or therapist
  • Facilitating referrals to pyschology or psychiatry
  • Following up by phone to make sure your child's mental health needs are being met



mental health care coordinator

Heather Lunt, RN, BSN, PMH-BC

Heather received her BSN from Indiana University, and is a Board Certified Psychiatric and Mental Health nurse.  She has years of experience in critical care nursing and as an organ donation coordinator for the Gift of Life.  In addition to nursing, she has focused on her family, raising 4 children and held many volunteer roles within the Forest Hills community, including AAA:  Awareness, Acceptance, and Advocacy for Mental Health.   

Request an Appointment

Online through our patient portal or call (616) 949-4465.

To reach Heather directly, call (616) 957-5165, ext 319.


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