Well Child

Well Child visits are regularly scheduled appointments where we discuss age-appropriate developmental issues or school performance, family issues including an updated family disease history, behavioral expectations, growth and nutrition, and age-related safety issues.

Your child will have a head to toe physical exam including vision and hearing screening. If additional screening tests are needed, they will be done in our office or at an appropriate facility. We will give you wellness information in handouts at your appointment and send you an electronic version through your portal. See the Pediatric Advisor for more health and wellness information.

Your child's immunization record will be reviewed and immunizations will be given following the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Because we care for the health and safety of your child and all of our patients, we require that you adhere to these recommendations.   If you chose to decline vaccines or follow an "alternative" schedule, we ask that you seek another pediatric practice.

Age-Based Guidance

Children Ages 3 to 20—Annual Visit

We recommend that children 3 years and older have a well-child appointment every year. The yearly well child exams include the review of symptoms, history, and the sports physical exam required for organized sports participation.

We provide care for children through age 20 and help facilitate the transition of care for teens. 

If you are unable to accompany your minor child to an appointment, please send the consent for treatment form with them.

Chronic Illness Visits—Every Four Months

If your child has a chronic illness that requires an ongoing medication such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, ADHD, obesity or nutritional concerns, heart or lung disease, or a genetic condition, we recommend that they be seen at least every 4 months. This allows us to monitor their condition, increase/decrease medications and order appropriate testing. Please discuss this with your child's physician at their next visit.