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Testing for Strep at Home

Forest Hills Pediatrics will now have at-home strep kits available for purchase. 

FHPA initially received a grant to participate in a pilot program regarding testing for strep at home.  The response from our patients and families has been overwhelmingly positive, and now that our participation in the study is done we have decided to continue offering this service. The kits will be available to any child 5 years of age or older for the cost of $10. 

Instructions for use are included in the kit, and we have also put together an instructional video.  If your child's test is positive, please call our office.  Our phone nurses will ask you to email us a picture of the positive test, and ask some screening questions to be sure there is nothing more serious going on for which your child needs to be seen in the office.  If there are no further concerns, antibiotics will be sent electronically to your local pharmacy without the need for an in-office visit.