COVID Vaccine for Under 5

We have received the vaccine from KCHD!


We will be having a MODERNA COVID Vaccine Clinic this FRIDAY


*******  FRIDAY JUNE 24 at 4:30pm  *******


Log onto your portal to register:


Review the video below the portal login button if you are having any issues.


Do not worry about scheduling the 2nd vaccination.  After we have hosted the first Vaccine Clinic, we will update your portal to reflect your appointment for your 2nd vaccination which will be on Friday, July 22.  Also do not worry if July 22nd doesn’t work for you.  The spacing between doses must be at least 4 weeks but it can be longer – so we will arrange to give your child their 2nd vaccine in the ensuing weeks.


Message the office through your portal, message us through Facebook or call the office during business hours if you are having difficulty.


We look forward to seeing you soon!!