Sports Physical Policy

We have a new policy regarding sports physicals at FHPA.  Our physicians will perform a reassessment for those patients who have had a well visit in our office within the last 11 months.  Patients can schedule a visit for current vital signs, a review of their history, and a physical exam.  An updated sports physical form will then be completed based on this information. The charge for this abbreviated visit will be billed to your insurance company but they may not cover it. The maximum out of pocket expense will be $30. We are hoping that this policy will improve access for our patients who receive regular care in our office.  Prior to scheduling a visit for a sports physical form, please make sure of the following:

1.  Well exam completed within the last 11 months

2.  Required sports survey was filled out at the time of the well exam, with no new concerns related to the survey

3.  Asthma or ADHD visits (if applicable) are up to date (seen within the last 6 months)

4.  You do not have any other current concerns about your child which need to be discussed with his or her physician

Please call our office if you have any questions regarding this policy prior to scheduling an appointment.