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 Button Batteries and Honey

Ingestion of button batteries (small batteries found in remote controls, games, thermometers, etc) can be dangerous or even life threatening for children.  A swallowed battery reacts with saliva and tissue of the esophagus, creating an alkaline solution that essentially dissolves tissue.  This can cause esophageal perforation or erosion into the airways or major blood vessels.

If you child has swallowed a button battery, it is an emergency and you should go immediately to the nearest emergency room. 

A recent study has shown that honey can act as a protective barrier and neutralize the harsh alkaline levels while awaiting treatment (note:  this is NOT treatment, your child still needs to be seen in the ER as soon as possible).  However, while you are en route to the hospital, give your child spoonfuls of honey at regular intervals to help protect the esophageus.  Children <1 year of age should not have honey should not have honey due to botulism risk)

Sports Physicals

If your child or teen needs a sports physical for next school year, don't wait until the last minute!  Schedule it today for spring.

Convenient evening appointments have been set aside with your physician to get your high schooler accommodated.

If your child is NOT due for their check-up until after the fall sports season starts, we will do a sports update/physical for $30 cash - see your own doctor who knows you better than an urgent care office where you will likely be charged more.

Any physical after April 15 is valid for the following school year. Please call us at 616-949-4465 to make your child's appointment.

 strep throat website

Testing for Strep at Home

Forest Hills Pediatrics will now have at-home strep kits available for purchase. 

FHPA initially received a grant to participate in a pilot program regarding testing for strep at home.  The response from our patients and families has been overwhelmingly positive, and now that our participation in the study is done we have decided to continue offering this service. The kits will be available to any child 5 years of age or older for the cost of $10. 

Instructions for use are included in the kit, and we have also put together an instructional video.  If your child's test is positive, please call our office.  Our phone nurses will ask you to email us a picture of the positive test, and ask some screening questions to be sure there is nothing more serious going on for which your child needs to be seen in the office.  If there are no further concerns, antibiotics will be sent electronically to your local pharmacy without the need for an in-office visit.